My first IOS App

It seems like everyone and their mom has an IOS app, the Thai Resturant down the street has one. I need a reason to play with Swift anyway, so here's my first app.  I hope someone finds it useful.

What this app does

This app gives me an excuse to try out Swift and app development, everything else is corollary. 

Who needs this app?

This app calculates a treadmill speed given a desired distance and total time to run. This app will tell you what your treadmill speed should be to run the correct pace for your test. The lap times are there so you know what your goal lap times should be for test day.

Useful if you have a running test coming up and you would prefer to train on the treadmill, but don't know what speed it should be set to. 

Useful if you have lots of training to do, but you want to ruin it indoors watching Saturday morning cartoons. 

Useful if you have a military fitness test coming up, but it's too cold or hot to do most of your training outside. 

Air Force Fit-to-fight test, (F2F)
Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT)
USMC Physical Fitness Test  (PFT)
Navy Physical Readiness Test (PRT)
USCG Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) 

Always do a complete practice test on the track at some point. 


click here to down load the app