OmniFocus Bulk Entry from a PC (The Messy way)

Disclaimer: This is a very duck-tape-and-bubble-gum solution, but it works for now.

As some of you have heard on Mac Power Users, once in a while I need to add bulk entries from a PC and process this data before sending it to OmniFocus. The idea is to not waste time re-editing all the items again in the OmniFocus inbox. This could be useful to you depending on when your free time and computer access is distributed. 

The high level overview is you send this data to your self then run a Workflow on your phone to populate OmniFocus.

Filling out the excel sheet below on the PC will generate a list of OmniFocus URL schemes. The schemes are generated and populate the green sections in the form on the left. You must copy this green section and email it to yourself. Or if PushBullet isn't blocked where you're at, you can use that to send the data directly to your phone.

Once on your phone you can use this Workflow to go through the list and activate each URL thus creating an OmniFocus task. And that's it.

It's not perfect, some special characters may give it a hard time, some URLs cannot be pasted into the notes. Maybe later I'll make a better solution. Someone might find it useful, even if this is an inelegant workaround.

May the programming gods forgive me for my sins.

Link to the Excel File 

Google Docs Link 

Special Thanks to David Sparks and Katie Floyd at MPU